What is the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) Pilot Project?

The DJJ Pilot Project is a partnership between DJJ, WinGeorgia CME, Viewpoint CME, and Georgia Center of Excellence (COE). This project is designed to assist DJJ in it’s mission to support youth in their communities to become productive and law-abiding citizens.

How can the DJJ Pilot Project help?

LM CME uses a team approach to support youth who are transitioning from YDC (Youth Development Campus) or RYDC (Regional Youth Detention Center) facilities in accessing services and support in their own communities. After enrollment in the project, our staff work with the family, youth, and community partners to create a plan that fits the youth’s individual needs. The youth’s support team then helps them gain the resources, skills, and other supports needed to achieve success in the community.

Supports available to youth enrolled in the project may include, but are not limited to:

Adolescent & Family

  • Finding behavioral health services*
  • Getting involved in a support group
  • Learning new coping skills
  • Participation in substance use treatment program*
  • Enhancing natural support network
  • Strengthening family capacity for managing difficulties
  • Resources to support educational needs
  • Finding help that fits youth’s needs

Emerging Adult

  • Finding a place to live*
  • Budgeting money
  • Paying rent & utilities*
  • Access to health care
  • Self-advocacy
  • Acquiring legal assistance*
  • G.E.D. Preparation
  • Applying for college
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Interview skills
  • Job searches
  • Finding references
  • Completing applications
  • Creating resumes

* WinGeorgia CME does not provide direct emergency placement or crisis services.


Any DJJ staff member may refer youth who meet the following criteria:

  • Youth on the DJJ YDC mental health caseload who are referred as part of the 30-day release review meeting.
  • Youth probated or committed to a DJJ RYDC facility who are scheduled for return to the community.
  • Who meet criteria for wraparound

To determine if a youth is eligible for the DJJ Pilot Project, please contact: Harriet Anglin, Referral Specialist