SUMMIT Transitions Program: Life without limits

What is SUMMIT?

SUMMIT is a program designed to assist young people, ages 22-25, get the most out of life. SUMMIT helps you map and navigate your journey to success, from meeting personal independence, education, or career goals, to improving your emotional and physical well-being.

How can SUMMIT help?

SUMMIT uses a team approach to support and encourage you through important transitions in life. After being accepted to SUMMIT, our staff will help you put together the right team to assist you in developing a plan that fits your wellness/recovery needs. Your team will then help you gain the resources, skills, and other supports you need for the journey you choose.

Your plan may include:

Life Skills Training

Finding a place to live
Setting up a bank account
Budgeting money
Paying rent & utilities
Access to health care
Legal assistance

Counseling & Support

Finding a counselor
Getting involved in a support group
Learning new coping skills
Participation in substance use treatment program
Finding help that fits your needs

Education Support

G.E.D. Preparation
Applying for college
Applying for financial aid
Accessing support services

Job Preparation

Interview skills
Job searches
Finding references
Completing applications
Creating resumes

How do I sign up for SUMMIT?

The first step is to find out if you qualify by completing the SUMMIT Pre-Referral Questionnaire. If you qualify, you will be directed to complete and submit a referral for the program. However, if you receive a message that you do not qualify, you may contact one of our System of Care Coordinators to discuss your situation and determine if SUMMIT may be right for you.

*Pre-screening identifies possible matches for the program, but does not guarantee eligibility or enrollment. Please see Clinical Exclusions for other criteria which can exclude a young person from participation in the program.