Introduction to Wraparound

Instructor: , Community Outreach and Training Director

Wraparound is an ecologically based process and approach to care planning that builds on the collective action of a committed group of family, friends, community, professional, and cross-system supports mobilizing resources and talents from a variety of sources resulting in the creation of a plan of care that is the best fit between the family vision and story, team mission, strengths, needs, and strategies.

The wraparound process aims to achieve positive outcomes for youth and families by providing a structured, creative and individualized team-based planning process that compared to traditional treatment planning, results in plans that are more effective and more relevant forms of help for youth and families.

In this course you will learn more about:

  • How Wraparound is Unique – Based on 4 Key Elements – Grounded in a Strengths Perspective, Driven by Underlying Needs, Supported by and Effective Team, and Determined by Families
  • Implementing the 10 Principles of Wraparound
  • Introduction of the Essential Process Components of Wraparound
  • Engagement with Families and Teams
  • Addressing Immediate Safety and Crisis Needs
  • Developing Needs and Strategies within a team meeting
  • Roles of Staff, Team members, and Families within a Wraparound (CFTM) Child and Family Team Meeting
  • Concentration toward the family’s ultimate goal which is the youth and caregiver’s sense of Competence, Autonomy, Hope and Connection.