Some youth are born with or develop an illness which seriously affects their behavior and emotions. There are many reasons a youth might have severe emotional or behavioral difficulties, including:

  • Genetics (an illness that is inherited)
  • The brain’s chemistry as they grow and change
  • Damage to the youth’s central nervous system
  • Loss of loved ones through death, divorce or broken relationships
  • Exposure to violence
  • Abuse or neglect

Most youth have difficult times in their lives. Many of these challenges in life help them build skills and supports needed to handle the problems they will face as they grow up and become adults. However, if a youth struggles with emotions or behaviors that regularly cause them problems at home or school, the youth and/or their family may decide they need extra help. That’s where Lookout Mountain Care Management Entity (LM CME) enters the picture.

If a young person is interested in how LM CME can help them or a friend, they can talk their parents, caregiver, or a trusted adult (counselor, teacher, coach, minister, probation officer, caseworker, or others) about the program and if a referral could benefit them.

Young adults, 18 and over, may chose to refer themselves to the program, ask a support (counselor, minister, probration officer, etc.) to assist them in making a referral, or contact one of our System of Care Coordinators to learn more about LM CME.

Your first thought might be that you don’t know anyone who could help you. However, with the help of your Care Coordinator, you will learn you have resources you never considered. Your Wraparound team might include:

  • professionals who are providing services to you
  • close friends and/or understanding relatives
  • teachers, school counselors, and/or religious leaders
  • your Family Support Partner
  • other important people in your life, whom you choose

Your team will look at your goals and offer new ideas for reaching them.

Once enrolled in WinGeorgia CME you will meet with a Care Coordinator and Certified Peer Support Parent who will help you start the process. The Care Coordinator will talk with you about your experiences, strengths, and needs.  From there, they will work with you and your caregiver to create a plan that helps you get the resources and support you need.

Click here to view or listen to our youth guide to wraparound, Your Life, Your Future. This guide will give you more information about the process.

The length of time you are enrolled will depend on your needs and the resources available.

Most youth find they have what they need to manage their care in nine (9) to twelve (12) months. Some youth, however, may require additional support and stay longer than twelve months.

Before you “graduate”, your team will help you develop the skills you need to continue your recovery journey long-term.

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