WinGeorgia CME (Care Management Entity) connects caregivers, children and young adults with the resources and help that relate best to their needs. Our staff work with a wide range of partners to ensure services and supports enhance and strengthen each child's chances for success in their home and community.

IC3 (Intensive Customized Care Coordination)

Intensive Customized Care Coordination (IC3) is a High-Fidelity Wraparound intervention.  It is made up of a team selected by the family/caregiver in which the family and team identify the goals and strategies to reach the goals. IC3 assists individuals in identifying and gaining access to required services and supports, as well as medical, social, educational, developmental and other services and supports, regardless of the funding source for the services to which access is sought. Intensive Customized Care Coordination encourages the use of community resources through referral to appropriate traditional and non-traditional providers, paid, unpaid, and natural supports. One of the team members will be Care Coordinators (CC).  CCs work in partnership with the individual, and their family/caregivers/legal guardian is responsible for assembling the Child and Family Team (CFT), including both professionals and non-professionals who provide individualized supports, and whose combined expertise and involvement help to make sure plans are individualized and person-centered, build upon strengths and capabilities and address individual health and safety issues.

System of Care (SOC) Supplemental Support Grant

Through the SOC Grant, funded by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), WinGeorgia supports the continued development and expansion of Georgia’s SOC for families and children with behavioral health needs.

The System of Care Supplemental Grant is designed to further support the SOC philosophy, framework, and processes by increasing and improving cooperation and collaboration acorros child-serving agencies to meet the multiple and complex needs of youth with emotional disturbances and their families; improviing access and expanding the array of community-based, culturally and linguistically competent services and supports for children, youth, and their families; including families and youth in partnership with the designing of programs and policies that are appropriate, effective, evidence-based, individualized, and build on their strengths in order to improve functioning at home, in the school, in the community and throughout life.




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