WinGeorgia CME (Care Management Entity) connects caregivers, children and young adults with the resources and help that relate best to their needs. Our staff work with a wide range of partners to ensure services and supports enhance and strengthen each child's chances for success in their home and community.

What is Wraparound

Wraparound is a strength-based approach that helps families who have children with challenging behaviors  function more effectively in the community. WinGeorgia CME assists each family in building a Wraparound team comprised of people who are most important to them. The team focuses on finding services unique to each child’s needs. Based on family strengths and culture a Care Coordinator works with the family to develop an individualized plan to meet goals identified by the family. Family input is very important to this process. No plan can work unless it truly meets a family’s specific needs. Parental investment is critical to family success.

Wraparound is provided in both English and Spanish.

Benefits to Families and Communities

The goal of WinGeorgia CME is to increase both family resiliency and system collaboration through:

  • Improving clinical and functional outcomes
    • Quality Improvement, Monitoring and Training
  • Fostering resiliency in families and youth
    • Fidelity to wraparound implementation and principles
  • Enhancing efficiency across systems and controlling costs
    • Improve access to appropriate services and supports
  • Culturally Proficient Practice
    • Use of translators and translated documents
  • Improving system level outcomes:
    • Reduction in use of out-of-home placements (hospitals, foster homes, Juvenile Justice facilities, group homes, etc.)
    • Reduced lengths of stay out-of-home
    • Reduction of reentry into out-of-home placements
    • Increased child permanency
    • Improved educational outcomes

WinGeorgia CME Brochure