Family Voice and Choice

Your child and family are active partners in making treatment decisions.

Natural Supports

The involvement of informal community supports, such as neighbors or friends, is important to the success of your child.

Team Based

Our work must involve a team, consisting of members of the social systems (family, school, friends, community, neighbors, church) which are most important to your child.


Your child is best treated if all of the important systems in their life are working together towards similar goals.

Community Based

Mental health treatment success is best achieved in the community in which your child lives.

Culturally Competent

Our process must be built on your family’s unique values, preferences, and strengths.


Your child has unique needs and abilities. Treatment plans will reflect that individuality.

Strengths Based

Mental health treatment success can be best achieved if we focus not only on the problems your child and family experience but also what is going well and is healthy about your family.


Unconditional commitment to continue to help your family through necessary services to meet treatment goals. Your child cannot be discharged from CBAY Services for the same reason they were referred. This is also known as the No Eject, No Reject policy.

Outcome Based Services

Goals and services must be measured and treatment adjusted to improve outcomes. You will be asked to participate in an ongoing evaluation that will help ensure that you are receiving the services you need and are satisfied with everything you are receiving.