The Power of Peer Support

One of the most powerful allies a parent or caregiver can have in the recovery process is a another parent who shares similar experiences. WinGeorgia CME offers this type of support through Certified Peer Support – Parent (CPS-P), who are employed through WinGeorgia CME or contracted through a Family Support Organization (FSO) in Georgia. CPS-Ps receive specialized training to assist them in transforming their personal experiences into meaningful help for families. The help CPS-Ps provide varies, however, the benefits to families include:

Reduced sense of isolation

When we connect with others who understand the isolation, stigma, misunderstanding, and judgement our families often face, we begin to feel a less alone.

New perspectives

Parent peer supports help parents and caregivers share and reflect on their experiences in a way that reveals new insights, which can help them better coordinate, direct, and manage care for their families.

Feeling of empowerment

Having an ally who supports us in voicing our needs and advocating for appropriate care for our loved ones helps us regain control we often feel has been lost.

Hope for recovery

Meeting others who have experienced this process, who have hope for the continued recovery of their loved ones, and who believe recovery is possible for our family helps us also believe recovery is possible.