Your Life, Your Future

A Youth Guide to Wraparound

Listen to the audio guide to wraparound, Your Life, Your Future, narrated by Outreach Specialist, Erin Conaway, or click here to download all audio files (ZIP).

You may also click here to download the guide and read along as you listen.

  1. Welcome to Wraparound
  2. Wrap a What?
  3. Why Wraparound?
  4. Do I Have a Choice?
  5. So What Can I Choose?
  6. What If?
  7. Who Might I Meet in Wraparound?
  8. Step 1: Getting to Know You
  9. Step 2: Building Your Wraparound Team
  10. Step 3: Drafting a Crisis and Safety Plan
  11. Step 4: Having Your FirstTeam Meeting
  12. Step 5: Creating Your Wraparound Plan
  13. Step 6: Refining Your Crisis and Safety Plan
  14. Step 7: Living Your Plan
  15. Wrapping It All Up

Youth & Young Adults